Top Tips for Better Dental Care in Grants Pass Oregon

Feb 13

Top Tips for Better Dental Care in Grants Pass Oregon

What would be the first thing you notice when you speak to someone?

Their smile, isn’t it? Nothing says it more than beautiful smile, which is something we all desire. It resembles our personality, boosts our confidence and helps in other areas as well, like job interviews and get-togethers.

Even though our smile is important to us, the unfortunate part is that people seem to care less about their teeth and more about their comfort levels. For this reason, many people are suffering from all sorts of dental issues.

According to WHO (World Health Organisation), about 95% of the children and as much as a whopping 100% of adults are facing one or the other form of dental disease.

Apparently, there is not a single house where at least one family member is not suffering from oral diseases. Above all, cavities and toothache are no longer regarded as a problem.

This situation is quite alarming, and we are to blame for this in that our bad habits get the better of us. To ensure improved oral health, we need to follow a few basic dental care tips that we are about to illustrate.

Before covering these recommendations, we want to make it very clear that these tips are not anything that we haven’t heard before; these are a few basic rules that we all are supposed to follow.

So let’s begin:

    • Brush your teeth every day: The most elementary thing we’ve been taught since childhood is brushing our teeth twice a day. It is the first thing we need to do in the morning.

How many of us actually follow that?

The answer is quite simple –  Very few.

It is a shameful thing that most of cannot follow this one simple rule as we tend to be too lazy to see it through. In the long run, such laziness ends up costing us dearly. Earlier on the problem was mostly limited to kids, but has now spread to everyone irrespective of how old they are. So, for the umpteenth time, we are saying that you need to brush your teeth daily.

    • Choosing the right toothbrush: When we speak about brushing your pearly whites daily, we tend to neglect the most important tool – your toothbrush! The common take that you can use your toothbrush until the bristles are all bruised, or they start falling off, is all wrong. It is suggested you change your toothbrush every three months regardless of its condition. The head of your toothbrush needs to reach inside the crevices of your molars.

Avoid a dry mouth effect as it may result in all kinds of diseases. To prevent tooth decay, your saliva needs to pass through your mouth regularly. Once it stops, you set yourself up for some dental diseases. Drink copious amounts of water to maintain the saliva inside your mouth. You may also want to consider taking medicines but only as a last resort.

Stay faraway from any junk food and other harmful products as our oral health largely depends on what we consume. It is normal for us humans to opt for all sorts of junk food. But, having an excessive amount of these foods take a heavy toll on our teeth that eventually lead to a toothache, yellow teeth, and even cavities. Settle for homemade foods whenever possible and regularly brush and floss once you’ve eaten.

Regularly visit your dental practitioner. Out of all the tips given, you may find this one to be the most difficult to carry through. Many of you may not like your dentist. Then again, if your dentist has the most beautiful smile and is super friendly, who wouldn’t want to visit them? Especailly if you would not want to have surgery in order to get implants.

Trust us when we say that you should visit your allen creek dentist at regular intervals as they are the experts in anything to do with proper dental care, knowing what to look out for, performing thorough examinations, and suggesting various medicines that would be of benefit to you. In short, if you desire healthy and bright pearly whites, you need to visit your dentist in Grants Pass, Oregon.

The above-mentioned tips are very important to all of us; it is just that we have to follow them. After all, our teeth are our lifeline; treat them as such and look forward to a happy life.

Allen Creek Dental offers a professional stress-free journey with high-quality dental care. Visit them: to learn more.

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Vacation Detour – Rafting the Rogue River with Orange Torpedo Trips

Oct 01

Vacation Detour – Rafting the Rogue River with Orange Torpedo Trips

Alright Velo’s! Its story time.

As we’re heading into fall and already starting to miss summer I feel like its time to share one of my favorite family times. Good ol rafting.
Now as a Dad I decided the kids should see what my favorite summer activity used to be and enjoy it to its fullest.
Whitewater rafting! Yeah you read that right I took my kids down Oregon’s Rogue River and it was amazing!

Begin Story :)

Who doesn’t enjoy an adrenaline rush now and then? Why don’t you and your family pack your bags and get ready for an adventure like never before? We are talking about rafting the Rogue River and joining hands with expert outfitters in the Oregon area.

Picture this for your next vacation! Rogue river rafting, fishing, swimming, camping, reveling in all sorts of fun activities, wilderness adventures, getting educated by listening to true life stories, and more…

Whether you intend going on holiday for a camping experience like no other, a scenic boat trip or a thrilling ride, rafting the rogue river All this is made possible thank to experienced outfitters such as Orange Torpedo Trips. They are among the best excursion companies around who go all out to entertain all kinds of people from all over the world. One thing is for sure; you can trust them with your life. They have been doing it for more than 40 years since 1969 when they were founded.

Experience Rafting Adventures That You Will Always Remember
There is certainly no shortage of activities as far as it depends on Orange Torpedo Trips.
Courageous and brave individuals will be provided with time-tested style guide where they will be given the opportunity to strut their stuff by paddling an inflatable kayak down the popular Rogue River.

If you desire something less strenuous, then you can always opt for a relaxed paddle or oared raft together with one of the friendly and experienced River guides of Orange Torpedo. Maybe, you would prefer something new in which case we have the perfect remedy – River Boarding.

It does not matter if you are the type of person who loves wild torrents or prefer something a little milder, the staff at Orange Torpedo can cater to all tastes and preferences.

Whether you are seven years old or 80 years old, you are more than welcome to try your hand at rafting at least once in your life.

Experienced outfitters put together all kinds of packages that is tailored for any adventure. It could be a half-day trip, full day trip, 2 to 3 days, a romantic evening trip, or whatever takes your fancy. What we are talking about is for you to have fun from day one until the day you have to depart back home.

What do you need to prepare yourself for the trip of a lifetime?

Knowing the Tools Needed for a Safe Rafting Trip
River guide companies like Orange Torpedo Trips love it when people come prepared as it makes their job easier when the time comes to brief everyone on the required safety regulations. What do you need to bring with you, so your rafting adventure turns out to be a pleasant one?

It is always best to be prepared. You should bring one or two dry bags with you. As it is waterproof, the dry bag turns out to be a very useful commodity for hosting your personal goods that include your wallet and keys.

Read up on CFS (Cubic feet per second), which is an indication of the speed of the water currents. It will allow you to gain a much better understanding of the different class rapids of the famous Rogue River you are about to encounter. However, there is no need to worry too much as the experienced whitewater rafting guides at Orange Torpedo have you covered.

Another term often used is Eddie, which happens to be a water current that either head back up the stream, or it stops entirely. It is also useful to know what a gradient is, which refers to the vertical nature of any given rapid you will face. A higher gradient would refer to a steeper rapid where you can be sure the water will flow faster.

Often, people with a taste for adventure opt for whitewater rafting as it gets their blood pumping faster than normal, and they have much to talk about once it is all over. Regardless of the type of adventure you would favor, you may want to head over to and learn more about the three types of boats they have lined up for you, and you can find out why they are different to any other Rogue River Rafting company.Call 866-479-5061 right now for your next adventure!

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Make the Most out of All Terrains with Old Man Emu Suspension Systems

Sep 21

Make the Most out of All Terrains with Old Man Emu Suspension Systems

We are all avid cycling enthusiasts. And if you live in the states or many other parts of the world you know cycling to where you are going cycling is not always an option. Especially if you are into mountain biking. That’s why I’ve written this article to get you guys some great information on how to get your vehicle upgraded to handle some extreme conditions you may throw at us.

Whether you are contemplating tackling rocky terrain or some off road destination, old man emu tacoma Suspension Systems are still the best quality offroad suspension system by any standard. Companies such as Wheelers Off Road loves the fact that OME suspension affords many a SUV, 4WD or any other trucker the ability to balance any load perfectly they may carry at the time. Furthermore, the improved suspension systems ensure they experience a comfortable ride, superior handling, and better overall articulation.

Suspension systems like these are designed to meet the most stringent of conditions, which is why Wheelers Off Road’s customers live by Old Man Emu. There is nothing quite like it on the planet in terms of the best performing springs around.


If you are after a suspension system that offers you the best of both worlds with regards to offroad performance and street comfort, then you need not look further. OME is the one for you. We are not saying that there is nothing better in the market than OME. However, if you are prepared to pay a considerable amount of money and experience a brutal ride most of the time, then you are in for an enormous surprise with most of the other suspension systems. OME, on the other hand, are famous for providing luxurious ride quality at any given time.

When it comes to the crunch, most of the other suspensions tend to be too rigid. In most cases, front springs consist of standard duty springs that have no extra accessories mounted. With all due respect, these are suitable for use with a bull bar or winch whereas heavy duty ones are good for both.

On the other hand, for springs on the rear end of your truck, OME recommends you equip your vehicle with a standard duty spring that is suited for stock applications. Very heavy duty springs are recommended when you will carry a constant heavy load.

WheelersOffRoad Old Man emu

What Makes old man emu lift Suspensions So Special?

Truck owners who had dealings with Wheelers Off Road were super impressed that Old Man Emu springs were being used as the preferred suspension brand to give their vehicles a 2 to 3 inch lift so they could carry a full load. This would depend of course on the kind of vehicle they were driving as some trucks would require an additional booster lift piece to add to the OME suspension system.

Where does OME derive its name from? Surprisingly, it originates from the Australian flightless bird that manages to absorb most of the impact of the road it runs on. Onlookers stare in amazement as the huge bird’s body remains motionless while it successfully moves over all kinds of terrains. Likewise, OME strives to achieve the same feat by integrating their suspensions systems with 4×4 shocks. Their engineers managed to match various shock and spring combinations to improve your truck’s handling and control ability regardless of the size of your load.

You’ll find that Old Man Emu offers a suspension lift of a different kind in that it is far more than just a compilation of components that’s sole aim is to lift the height of your truck, SUV or Jeep. What makes OME so unique is that they provide a range of matched and well-tuned integrated suspension systems. Each unit offers varied comfort levels and load carrying capabilities.

Trucking companies like Wheelers Off Road take it one step further by conducting a thorough analysis of the top brands they work with. With regards to OME they would check to see if the springs and shock absorbers used for each truck have been tested as well as modified to conform to all kinds of terrains where a variety of loads were carried from light weight to the very heavy loads. Rest assured, these tests can carry on for weeks at a time, which ensures that you can look forward to the best suspension system for your particular use.


Wheelers Off Road firmly believes that every trucking company and their drivers only deserves the best suspension systems that it tailored to suit all types of terrains. Rather than fitting a “one style fits all’ suspension kit, they choose to work with the best brands like Old Man Emu.

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Crossfit Training is defined as the Ultimate Workout Program

Sep 10

Crossfit Training is defined as the Ultimate Workout Program

You may have encountered all kinds of miraculous training programs in your life. There is nothing more exciting than a Crossfit workout by Evan Pflock as a way to strengthen and in getting your body ripped and working like a well-oiled machine. Some people would even go as far to say that it is the ultimate workout program. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear them say this?

Maybe you assume that it involves some heavy military-style training in that you have to do some heavy lifting and work yourself into a stupor. Far from it. Apparently it is a workout anyone can master as not all the workouts require one to be insanely fit before you even attempt doing them.

There is no need to know how to perform a clean and snatch type of exercise such as a Romanian deadlift when you start out.

Evan Pflock (wordpress), aged 27 can attest to this as a professional motocross champion from Redondo Beach. Racing motocross has been a lifelong passion of his. Besides, he is a strong believer in being as fit as a fiddle when involved in anything to do with Motocross or car racing. It is most probably why he became a personal training director at the famous LA Fitness bringing with him the skills he mastered when involved in Crossfit training.

What the Workout Entails
It is the kind of exercise that is specially developed to ensure a full body workout, comprising of various elements such as weight lifting, cardio, core training and gymnastics. Unlike what first timers may expect when they hear the name being mentioned, you do not have to grunt your way through a strenuous routine, involving all kinds of weights-filled workouts. Best of all, there is no way you must feel intimidated by anyone when you first step inside the training station. You are likely to encounter up to 5 exercise stations as well as one rest station (luckily, provision is made for resting at some point).

What is exciting is that you get to spend only a minute at any given workout station before moving onto the next one. You are in for a pleasant surprise if you think you only have to go through the steps once or twice.

It is more like the typical workout of the day as you are likely to repeat the steps at least 3 to 5 times.

Some of the exercises you can look forward to doing, would be kettlebell rows, throwing a ball weighing close to 20 pounds up and over a wall, doing presses with, you’ve guessed it, barbells that will as heavy as you can possibly cope with. Then, you have to perform things like box jumps on wooden platforms and row as fast you can using a sturdy rowing machine.

The whole experience might sound like too much hard work, especially if you think about the fact that you have to finish in 12 minutes flat. However, you’ll soon discover it is quite fun, and the whole process is controlled.

It is encouraging to think that someone like Evan Pflock (tumblr page) were once in the same position as you in learning to accomplish more within an intense 12 minute session than what you’ll achieve running for an hour or more on a treadmill. But, hey! Look where it got him during August 2014 when he came in second position with the well-known Frogman Challenge. This is where the worlds fittest athletes compete against one another in competitions such as the Crossfit Games. The prestige title gets awarded to fittest person on Earth.

The way to earn this title is through mastering various disciplines of fitness and performing various tests in and out of the water. Contestants of the Frogman Challenge commented how much fun they had while participating in various WODs (Workout of the Day) challenges. Spectators of events like these all have a great time, enjoy great food, super sounding music, and more.

To participate in events like the Frogman Challenge, you need to have prior experience in similar competitions as competitors need to go through strenuous paces that may prove to be dangerous if they are not well prepared beforehand. It might be a good idea to get some tips from the likes of Evan Pflock when it comes to preparing yourself for fun-filled events like these.

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CUSTOM Velo-Occasions Shirts!

Jul 07

CUSTOM Velo-Occasions Shirts!

Before I throw down the new Velo Occasion t-shirts and gear I’m going to throw some history at you. Look, silk screening is my side hobby. If I’m not cycling I’m designing and whipping up custom screen printed t shirts, hats, stickers and everything else. I’m all DIY these days but I worked for the Moxley Media back in the day, doing custom printing for big companies all around the world. Having since moved from Medford, Oregon I still appreciate the amazing quality that comes with their work and still if I need a big quantity or have some questions I put an order through Jeremy at Moxley Media – Screen Printing.

DIY SCREEN PrintedAnyway I put our custom screen printed t shirt order through Moxley Media the other day so this community is about to get some amazing shirts. I’m f*cking stoked!

Moxley Media
588 Parsons Dr Suite D
Medford, OR
(541) 601-9053

Screen printing, all around the world is a very common method of printing. It is popular both in the commercial printing industry and in the fine arts. The method is used to print CD covers, posters, t-shirts, hats. Etc. And it used on materials such as wood, paper, plastic and even metals. For sure, many of the stuff that you have at home are products of silk printing. But for us to appreciate the methods better, it would be useful to know its history. So what follows is a brief history.

It all started in China

It was the Chinese who first practiced silk screening as a method of dying. According to experts, the method was introduced around the year 1,000 AD. Eventually, the practiced reached Japan and then other countries in Asia. The method evolved over time. Silk Printing, as it is practiced today, is different from the way it was practiced in China. Of course, advancements in technology also contributed to the development of screen orienting. The Japanese and the people from other countries have added their modifications to the method. The Japanese is credited for introducing block printing and some manual painting methods.

Moxley Media Silk Screening

How the method arrived in the West

It was during the 18th century that this type of printing was introduced in the Western world, and it came to Western countries mainly through travelers who came from the East. It did not become an instant hit. The Westerner attitude towards printing though changes when the use of silk mesh was introduced. The silk mesh that is being used for printing also came from the East. So Europe became the leading market of silk traders from Asian countries. It is probably safe to say that trading between the East and the West has contributed to the popularity of silk screening not only in Europe but the whole world.

Secret techniques

In 1907, a man named Samuel Simon patented the screen printing process for the first time in England. The method was mainly used to print beautiful and elegant wall paper, linen, silk and some very expensive fabrics. During that time, many different screen printers have emerged with each having their modification to the technique. To dominate the competition, most of these printers have developed techniques that they have kept secret from other printers and the rest of the world. Some of the printers during that time have started working with photo-reactive substances that uses actinic light based cross-linking. These printers utilized compounds like traits of potassium, sodium, ammonium chromate among others. Gelatin and other types of glues are added to these chemicals.

Experts started experimenting

To improve the process of printing technology and the quality of the end product, experts during that time began to experiment with different types of chemicals. Some types of chemicals that they have worked on are salt sensitized emulsions to make stencils that are photo-reactive. Thanks to modern technology, commercial screen printers today are using sensitizers that are far safer than the chemicals being used during the 1900s. Different kinds of pre-sensitized and user-mixed emulsion chemicals are already available for the creation of stencils that are photo-sensitive. The process that is being done today is a lot safer and easier than the process done in the olden days.


The development of stencils

Now let me introduce to you another man who has made a valuable contribution to the craft of custom printing. In the year 1928, a man named Joseph Ulano discovered how to use a lacquer-soluble material for the creation of stencils used upon a removable base. To create prominent patterns, the stencil material was carved and then it was stuck to the mesh. During the time of Ulano, silk printing was already widespread in the fabric-making industry. Also during that time, artists have started employing the method to produce works of art. These artists have found the method to be convenient especially when it comes to replicating designs and blends. The process has made their work easier and more efficient.

The term serigraphy was born

During the 1930s. Some artists have started calling the process of creating artwork using printing techniques as serigraphy. Eventually, these artists formed the National Serigraphic Society. The primary objective of the group is to provide a new identity to the age-old method of screen printing. Today, the term serigraphy is interchangeably used with the phrase silk screening. And it is defined as the process of making images on fabric, paper and other materials through the method of pressing ink on a screen with some parts blocked off by a stencil.


Screen printing is still alive and kicking today

Through the years, many other printing methods have come and gone but printing is still alive and kicking. Indeed, other printing methods were not able to replace printing mainly because it produces prints that are vibrant and very artistic. Even in our day and age when computers seem to dominate all areas of human life, silk screening is still being used to print flyers, posters and even album covers.

Custom Screen Printing

The fact is; the demand for products that are made through screen printing have increased in recent years. One of the reasons for the methods longevity is the fact that it is probably one of the most efficient and economical printing method available. This is because all of the materials needed for printing is readily available and most of them are very affordable.

Of course, the method is not perfect. While it has many good points, it also has its share of bad points. Since it is a manual method of printing, it is highly subjected to human error. This means that the quality of the print depends significantly on the skill and experience of the printer. It seems that the method is here to stay, and it may take a while before it will finally say goodbye to the world. The method is still evolving. We can expect future technological developments to add significant improvements to it in the future. And you can bet my buddies at Moxley Media – Medford Screen Printing company is going to be on the cusp of innovation.

Moxley Media Logo

Once again check out Moxley is you are looking for a full service design studio.
Contact info above. They are an amazing company.


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The Most Common Bicycle Types and Their Uses

Jun 24

The Most Common Bicycle Types and Their Uses

There are such a lot of bicycle types nowadays that it can be hard to wade your way through them to find the one best suited to your body type. For this reason, we thought it best to gather a description and uses of different types of types of bicycles to make it easier for bicycle lovers to make an informed decision when selecting one.

You may be new to biking, or you’re thinking of making a come back to cycling again. Whatever your situation, it is very important to pay careful attention to your riding style and personal preferences before you decide which bike is right for you. The type of riding you will do will greatly influence the type of bicycle you should buy.

How to Pick the Right Type of Bicycle for Your Riding Style

Sunset Bike Ride Couple

As there are a number of bikes in different styles and sizes, each one with its own particular use and advantages, it is important to ensure you make the right decision to ensure a trouble free ride. Let’s take a look to see what types of bicycles are currently being used and which one would be best suited to you:

* Touring Bikes – If it is your intend to ride for long distances with a bit of luggage, then going for touring bicycles would be your best bet. They have bigger frames and are more robust in terms of the strength of your bicycle frame. These bikes are equipped with a carrier just behind your seat for carrying cargo.

* Road Bikes – If speed is your thing and you want to use your bicycle to compete against other cyclists, then road bicycles would be just right. The bikes would have a short wheelbase with a fine frame and thin tyres. These bikes are very light and specifically designed for speed. They are ideally suited for charity rides, commuting to work or triathlons.

* BMX and Mountain Bikes – If dirt racing and ramps spark your interest, then BMX bikes would be right for you. However, it is not suited for general commuting as the low seat would make it extremely uncomfortable. Mountain bikes on the other hand are way more comfortable, much cheaper than road bikes and are ideally suited to extreme situations. The tough suspension and wide tires ensure a fairly easy ride through rugged terrain. You can even change the tyres to cope with terrain consisting of bitumen or asphalt.

* Comfort Bicycles and Hybrids – You may or may not know what hybrid is. You can say it is a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike. What is nice to know is that hybrids combine the best features of these bikes. It must be noted though that they are best suited for riding on the road and riders would generally use them for leisure. Both comfort bikes and hybrids utilizes mountain bike and road bike sizing. This would depend on the style and manufacture of course.

* Cruisers – Some people favor old style bicycles with straight handlebars. Especially if they make use of their bicycles to do shopping, go to the beach or simply to amble around with. These are best suited to flat terrains. The bikes have wide seats and tires and are powered by one gear only. Riders who are out to have fun love these bicycles as it offer them a better position to get a very nice view of the world around them.

* Electric-Assist Bikes – These are perfect for commuters who do not wish to arrive at work all sweaty and out of breath. They are powered by battery to ensure effortless hill climbing while making long distance traveling so much easier. The amount of assistance you get from the motors of these bikes can easily be adjusted. It comes equipped with built-in sensors to monitor the amount of pressure you put on the pedals. The only snag is that these bikes are heavier to ride due to the built-in motor.

* Tandem Bikes – Two people riding together are happy that bicycle manufacturers made tandem bikes. It offers great fun for couples and families alike. Just watch out that you are not the one being taken for a ride by having to do all the peddling while your partner takes it easy.
Happy Lady Bike Ride
Now that you know more about the description and uses of different types of bicycles, it should not be that hard to make your decision.

My favorite bike brand is : Specialized

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Jun 24

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