The Most Common Bicycle Types and Their Uses

Jun 24

The Most Common Bicycle Types and Their Uses

There are such a lot of bicycle types nowadays that it can be hard to wade your way through them to find the one best suited to your body type. For this reason, we thought it best to gather a description and uses of different types of types of bicycles to make it easier for bicycle lovers to make an informed decision when selecting one.

You may be new to biking, or you’re thinking of making a come back to cycling again. Whatever your situation, it is very important to pay careful attention to your riding style and personal preferences before you decide which bike is right for you. The type of riding you will do will greatly influence the type of bicycle you should buy.

How to Pick the Right Type of Bicycle for Your Riding Style

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As there are a number of bikes in different styles and sizes, each one with its own particular use and advantages, it is important to ensure you make the right decision to ensure a trouble free ride. Let’s take a look to see what types of bicycles are currently being used and which one would be best suited to you:

* Touring Bikes – If it is your intend to ride for long distances with a bit of luggage, then going for touring bicycles would be your best bet. They have bigger frames and are more robust in terms of the strength of your bicycle frame. These bikes are equipped with a carrier just behind your seat for carrying cargo.

* Road Bikes – If speed is your thing and you want to use your bicycle to compete against other cyclists, then road bicycles would be just right. The bikes would have a short wheelbase with a fine frame and thin tyres. These bikes are very light and specifically designed for speed. They are ideally suited for charity rides, commuting to work or triathlons.

* BMX and Mountain Bikes – If dirt racing and ramps spark your interest, then BMX bikes would be right for you. However, it is not suited for general commuting as the low seat would make it extremely uncomfortable. Mountain bikes on the other hand are way more comfortable, much cheaper than road bikes and are ideally suited to extreme situations. The tough suspension and wide tires ensure a fairly easy ride through rugged terrain. You can even change the tyres to cope with terrain consisting of bitumen or asphalt.

* Comfort Bicycles and Hybrids – You may or may not know what hybrid is. You can say it is a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike. What is nice to know is that hybrids combine the best features of these bikes. It must be noted though that they are best suited for riding on the road and riders would generally use them for leisure. Both comfort bikes and hybrids utilizes mountain bike and road bike sizing. This would depend on the style and manufacture of course.

* Cruisers – Some people favor old style bicycles with straight handlebars. Especially if they make use of their bicycles to do shopping, go to the beach or simply to amble around with. These are best suited to flat terrains. The bikes have wide seats and tires and are powered by one gear only. Riders who are out to have fun love these bicycles as it offer them a better position to get a very nice view of the world around them.

* Electric-Assist Bikes – These are perfect for commuters who do not wish to arrive at work all sweaty and out of breath. They are powered by battery to ensure effortless hill climbing while making long distance traveling so much easier. The amount of assistance you get from the motors of these bikes can easily be adjusted. It comes equipped with built-in sensors to monitor the amount of pressure you put on the pedals. The only snag is that these bikes are heavier to ride due to the built-in motor.

* Tandem Bikes – Two people riding together are happy that bicycle manufacturers made tandem bikes. It offers great fun for couples and families alike. Just watch out that you are not the one being taken for a ride by having to do all the peddling while your partner takes it easy.
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Now that you know more about the description and uses of different types of bicycles, it should not be that hard to make your decision.

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