Crossfit Training is defined as the Ultimate Workout Program

Sep 10

Crossfit Training is defined as the Ultimate Workout Program

You may have encountered all kinds of miraculous training programs in your life. There is nothing more exciting than a Crossfit workout by Evan Pflock as a way to strengthen and in getting your body ripped and working like a well-oiled machine. Some people would even go as far to say that it is the ultimate workout program. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear them say this?

Maybe you assume that it involves some heavy military-style training in that you have to do some heavy lifting and work yourself into a stupor. Far from it. Apparently it is a workout anyone can master as not all the workouts require one to be insanely fit before you even attempt doing them.

There is no need to know how to perform a clean and snatch type of exercise such as a Romanian deadlift when you start out.

Evan Pflock (wordpress), aged 27 can attest to this as a professional motocross champion from Redondo Beach. Racing motocross has been a lifelong passion of his. Besides, he is a strong believer in being as fit as a fiddle when involved in anything to do with Motocross or car racing. It is most probably why he became a personal training director at the famous LA Fitness bringing with him the skills he mastered when involved in Crossfit training.

What the Workout Entails
It is the kind of exercise that is specially developed to ensure a full body workout, comprising of various elements such as weight lifting, cardio, core training and gymnastics. Unlike what first timers may expect when they hear the name being mentioned, you do not have to grunt your way through a strenuous routine, involving all kinds of weights-filled workouts. Best of all, there is no way you must feel intimidated by anyone when you first step inside the training station. You are likely to encounter up to 5 exercise stations as well as one rest station (luckily, provision is made for resting at some point).

What is exciting is that you get to spend only a minute at any given workout station before moving onto the next one. You are in for a pleasant surprise if you think you only have to go through the steps once or twice.

It is more like the typical workout of the day as you are likely to repeat the steps at least 3 to 5 times.

Some of the exercises you can look forward to doing, would be kettlebell rows, throwing a ball weighing close to 20 pounds up and over a wall, doing presses with, you’ve guessed it, barbells that will as heavy as you can possibly cope with. Then, you have to perform things like box jumps on wooden platforms and row as fast you can using a sturdy rowing machine.

The whole experience might sound like too much hard work, especially if you think about the fact that you have to finish in 12 minutes flat. However, you’ll soon discover it is quite fun, and the whole process is controlled.

It is encouraging to think that someone like Evan Pflock (tumblr page) were once in the same position as you in learning to accomplish more within an intense 12 minute session than what you’ll achieve running for an hour or more on a treadmill. But, hey! Look where it got him during August 2014 when he came in second position with the well-known Frogman Challenge. This is where the worlds fittest athletes compete against one another in competitions such as the Crossfit Games. The prestige title gets awarded to fittest person on Earth.

The way to earn this title is through mastering various disciplines of fitness and performing various tests in and out of the water. Contestants of the Frogman Challenge commented how much fun they had while participating in various WODs (Workout of the Day) challenges. Spectators of events like these all have a great time, enjoy great food, super sounding music, and more.

To participate in events like the Frogman Challenge, you need to have prior experience in similar competitions as competitors need to go through strenuous paces that may prove to be dangerous if they are not well prepared beforehand. It might be a good idea to get some tips from the likes of Evan Pflock when it comes to preparing yourself for fun-filled events like these.

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