Make the Most out of All Terrains with Old Man Emu Suspension Systems

Sep 21

Make the Most out of All Terrains with Old Man Emu Suspension Systems

We are all avid cycling enthusiasts. And if you live in the states or many other parts of the world you know cycling to where you are going cycling is not always an option. Especially if you are into mountain biking. That’s why I’ve written this article to get you guys some great information on how to get your vehicle upgraded to handle some extreme conditions you may throw at us.

Whether you are contemplating tackling rocky terrain or some off road destination, old man emu tacoma Suspension Systems are still the best quality offroad suspension system by any standard. Companies such as Wheelers Off Road loves the fact that OME suspension affords many a SUV, 4WD or any other trucker the ability to balance any load perfectly they may carry at the time. Furthermore, the improved suspension systems ensure they experience a comfortable ride, superior handling, and better overall articulation.

Suspension systems like these are designed to meet the most stringent of conditions, which is why Wheelers Off Road’s customers live by Old Man Emu. There is nothing quite like it on the planet in terms of the best performing springs around.


If you are after a suspension system that offers you the best of both worlds with regards to offroad performance and street comfort, then you need not look further. OME is the one for you. We are not saying that there is nothing better in the market than OME. However, if you are prepared to pay a considerable amount of money and experience a brutal ride most of the time, then you are in for an enormous surprise with most of the other suspension systems. OME, on the other hand, are famous for providing luxurious ride quality at any given time.

When it comes to the crunch, most of the other suspensions tend to be too rigid. In most cases, front springs consist of standard duty springs that have no extra accessories mounted. With all due respect, these are suitable for use with a bull bar or winch whereas heavy duty ones are good for both.

On the other hand, for springs on the rear end of your truck, OME recommends you equip your vehicle with a standard duty spring that is suited for stock applications. Very heavy duty springs are recommended when you will carry a constant heavy load.

WheelersOffRoad Old Man emu

What Makes old man emu lift Suspensions So Special?

Truck owners who had dealings with Wheelers Off Road were super impressed that Old Man Emu springs were being used as the preferred suspension brand to give their vehicles a 2 to 3 inch lift so they could carry a full load. This would depend of course on the kind of vehicle they were driving as some trucks would require an additional booster lift piece to add to the OME suspension system.

Where does OME derive its name from? Surprisingly, it originates from the Australian flightless bird that manages to absorb most of the impact of the road it runs on. Onlookers stare in amazement as the huge bird’s body remains motionless while it successfully moves over all kinds of terrains. Likewise, OME strives to achieve the same feat by integrating their suspensions systems with 4×4 shocks. Their engineers managed to match various shock and spring combinations to improve your truck’s handling and control ability regardless of the size of your load.

You’ll find that Old Man Emu offers a suspension lift of a different kind in that it is far more than just a compilation of components that’s sole aim is to lift the height of your truck, SUV or Jeep. What makes OME so unique is that they provide a range of matched and well-tuned integrated suspension systems. Each unit offers varied comfort levels and load carrying capabilities.

Trucking companies like Wheelers Off Road take it one step further by conducting a thorough analysis of the top brands they work with. With regards to OME they would check to see if the springs and shock absorbers used for each truck have been tested as well as modified to conform to all kinds of terrains where a variety of loads were carried from light weight to the very heavy loads. Rest assured, these tests can carry on for weeks at a time, which ensures that you can look forward to the best suspension system for your particular use.


Wheelers Off Road firmly believes that every trucking company and their drivers only deserves the best suspension systems that it tailored to suit all types of terrains. Rather than fitting a “one style fits all’ suspension kit, they choose to work with the best brands like Old Man Emu.

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